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DMAE Facelift Premium Kit Instructions


1.  Enzyme Peel 5% Glycolic Exfoliant
Spread around your face, avoiding eyes, but do not rub in.  A thin layer should sit on your skin.  Let sit for 30-60 minutes, longer if not sensitive, and then wash off with Vic Cloth.  Use 2-3 times a week.

2.  Vic Cloth
Scrub your face with the Vic Cloth and notice how smooth your skin feels.  Use your Vic Cloth as much as you want, including over your entire body.  The cloth is machine washable.

3.  DMAE Renew Extreme Facial Serum
The Serum is highly concentrated and you only need a drop or two.  Put a drop on the back of a hand.  Dip you finger and spread thinly over desired areas, typically the jaw line and upper neck, around and below cheeks.  This can be spread very thin.  Let this soak in for 2+ minutes.  Many immediately feel and see skin tightening.  Use daily.

4.  Cell Therapy Moisturizer
You just need about a dime size of moisturizer to cover your face and neck.  Apply like any moisturizer.  Use 1-2x daily.

You should notice very smooth and glowing skin.

Use the instructions to get the most benefit from the products in the DMAE Facelift Premium Kit.